will-boy-reviewWill Boy isn’t going anywhere soon and that’s because he has a pure grasp on the world OG hip hop thanks to his words. “Soul Giving” has a cool beat that adds to the flow and the lyrics sound like realism. With “Breathing Room” you don’t get an expected hip hop start in the music department. One would think this was an indie record until Will Boy comes through with his rhymes. That seems to be a runnning theme with his music because it happens again with “False Alarm (Bomb Threat Response).” This one really stands on the lyrical content though. The words come through fast and clear. Speaking of lyrics…the ones found in “The Control Factor” are ear shocking and really make you turn your head and say, what did he just say? It’s clear that above all else, Will Boy is a lyricist who is here to stay, so check out all his has to offer today. (https://www.audiomack.com/artist/will-boy)

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