Kentucky Dope Doesn’t Sound Like Kentucky

kentucky-dope-reviewKentucky Dope is a hip hop artist from Bowling Green, Kentucky who sounds like he’s from further south. “Go Hard” featuring Westside Gotti has a pretty apparent goal and that’s to make the audience go hard, which it achieves. “Cheeks Money” starts out great with an island, kettle drum sound that plays throughout and really lightens the song. Then things get kind of sensual with “Lemme Show” as it has this great mid-tempo beat. With “Mind Ya Business” you get a message that we all want to make clear to those snooping in our personal affairs It’s a theme for the masses to attach their selves to. If you’re into hip hop that’s more Atlanta based, then check out this emcee who may not call that area home, but sounds like it. (

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