Out in Ohio sits Mekho, an emcee who does what can to stand out in the Midwest. “Triple HHH (Plexxin’)” references exactly what you think it does – wrestling. Anyone who grew up on ’90s wrestling when it was still the WWF knows that Triple HHH is one of the best and to refer to him in song means you view yourself as something worth something. With “I Know” you have this intro that almost sounds like it’d get into an ’80s song but then the beats come through and transform it into a hip hop song. There are never any lyrics that bust through, but the beat’s killer. “Seen All That” is actually about the opposite while “Wayfarers & Firearms Vol. 1” is one of Mekho’s best. It just has all its stars aligned and delivers a well-rounded track for listeners to enjoy. If you’re into hip hop that has all the elements in place, check out Mekho now. (https://soundcloud.com/itsmekho)

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