Wayne Boy Wants It to be His World

Wayne Boy ReviewWayne Boy doesn’t stick to one area and you can’t stop him. “Kazz World” is more an anthem for the emcee than the rest of us. It’s like a declaration – “Wayne Boy is here!” He makes use of autotune just a bit in “100 Million” but it’s so light that it’s his rhymes that really shine through. What is great about “Grind Forever” is the beat. It really keeps ears perked up. That one may be Wayne Boy’s best as a whole because of it. Then you have “Not bout That Drama (From a Different World).” This one has a great mass appeal. It could be one of those crossover songs that people that aren’t always into hip hop fall for. It’s easy on the ears. “Jersey” is a hype track, but then you get “So Original” and that’s where a lot of the greatness of this rapper sits. In the end Wayne Boy’s style is eclectic. You can have it light, you can get hype and you can go mainstream. He covers all the bases so score with him. (https://soundcloud.com/wayneboy)

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