D.F.R Proves Names Don’t Lie

D.F.R ReviewD.F.R is short for Da Family Ruthless and the rhymes don’t lie – ruthless they are. “Til They Bury Me” is a hard hitting track thank to the way D.F.R rhymes and attacks every word delivered. Then he still has that abrasive wall up as he comes with a lot of attitude in “Gusto.” In “Leave Shells (Man Down)” you get intimidation from every word spit out, while in “Life Chances” slows it down and gets serious about reality. Ca$his helps his boy out on “Hood Star” and the energy is tight. Then like a whirlwind in sweeps “Rap God King.” It’s fast pace is hard to keep up with, but that’s definitely a good thing. It takes the cake for what you’ll get from D.F.R. So if you like your hip hop with a Midwest twist, check out D.F.R. (https://www.reverbnation.com/DaFamilyRuthless)

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