VINYM ReviewVINYM pronounced “venom” hails from the land of palm trees and beautiful coasts and he brings that chilled vibe to his music. “Loyal 2 My Crew” is a low key great track that doesn’t do much to make you stand up and pay attention to it. It plays it cool and does the trick. With “Satisfied” is a love song that doesn’t get dirty. It is actually a romantic hip hop track – rare. In “Bounce” you do not actually make you bounce like one would expect. That was an ironic twist. Then VINYM caps things off with “A.N.T.I.” and shouts out Jimmy Fallon. That was unexpected but a delight, pop culture references always are. It’s not like the whole track relies on that though. It moves past that and plays like a chilled hit. If you like the laid back ways of the west coast hip hop scene, check out VINYM. (

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