29Diamonds Shares the Wealth

29Diamonds Review29Diamonds is an emcee from Michigan that was taught about sharing, hardcore. “Us” featuring Pronto starts out a little eerie; like you are not sure what is about to happen. Then it comes through and that feeling is stripped away and there is just a good hip hop track to enjoy. Skyler B jumps on “I’m The Man” and they both deliver, as they do on “Congratulations” and “Everything You Need.” It seems like Skyler B is 29Diamonds number one road dog. That is not to say that 29Diamonds cannot do things on his own. He shines with “Steve Jobs” and “5 am” but does great with his friends by his side. Like with the hype of “Bitches Know My Name” with DeKook. It’s a nonstop party with 29Diamonds as he does his thing but makes room for his friends to hop on board and help entertain. If you’re all about that collaborative hip hop, check out 29Diamonds today. (https://soundcloud.com/29diamonds)

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