Mahk3ree Tells It Like It Is

Mahk3ree ReviewMahk3ree isn’t afraid to tell you what’s on his mind and it shows crystal clear in his music. “Famous” lays down what Mahk3ree is all about. It notes what he is about, calls out the haters, and notes that he is aware he is a white rapper – and how it does not matter. It is a strong song to get introduced to someone with. “Something I Always Wanted” is on the early Eminem page; those songs that call out other artists. If you are a Pitbull then this one may not be for you. Kayleigh Damon hops on “Underground” and brings a Christina Aguilera vibe to the mix. Mahk3ree spits out the truth in “The Real Hip Hop” and then brings it home with “Role Model.” If you’re a fan of hip hop that doesn’t hold back and gives it to you like it is, check out Mahk3ree right now. Don’t wait on this. (

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