Spit Tacular Keeps It Dark

Spit Tacular ReviewOut in the Midwest is Spit Tacular and he’s ready for you to shine a light on his ways. The way that he spits out “TalkiN That” is middle of the road. It’s not this slow track, but it’s not overhyped either. If it were in the Goldilocks story – it’d be just right. Then you have “Young Kid” that really showcases what this emcee can do and what he’s all about. It is like his anthem and the one to check out first and foremost from this artist. Wrapping it all up is “80 Washingtons.” This one has a dark undertone when it starts that plays throughout and comes across a little scary. If you like hip hop that has a dark side, check out Spit Tacular before the sun rises today. (https://www.reverbnation.com/spittacular)

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