st-reviewWest coast rap isn’t just about the LA area, Oakland represents well with ST. “U Sparkle To Me like Fire” starts like a classic R&B track and then bursts out into a hip hop track that makes you smile. Its clean and fine lines are great representatives of what ST can do. Something we are all guilty of comes in the track “Shop like I’m Rich.” Who can’t identify with this song? We all have a tendency to spend like we’re Beyonce. It’s a great anthem for all of us who are guilty of this to have. Prudes may want to move along and those who are into fun tracks, stay right here because “Pop That Pussy” is a real good time. It doesn’t matter what it’s saying, the emcees are slaying and the beat is on point. The same can definitely be said of “Molly” as well. This is where things get turnt up. If you’re in the market for hype hip hop, look no further than ST. (

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