Truth330 Brings Nothing But The Truth

Truth330 Brings Nothing But The TruthJamie Moore aka Truth330 brings his hip hop to life through honest lyrics and a straightforward delivery style. “Never Made It” has an elegant, yet somber feel thanks to the additional vocals, Truth330’s break the captivating melancholy with rapid fire lines that come through fast and give the song a backbone. “These Dreams” proves they’re worth it. He goes on and about everything they are, but at the end we can assume Truth330’s dreams are going to come true. Every time a new song by Truth330 starts you know you can expect the delivery to be pristine and clear. He doesn’t mess around with extra things that might distract you from the lyrics at hand. Take “Change Everything,” it’s just a beat and Truth330’s words on the plate and that’s all you need to dig into the realness of his music. It’s not all serious business though, but he’s not making shallow club tracks. His more “hanging out,” cool songs like “Everlasting Summer” still have a since of maturity to them. If you like your hip hop without the antics, check out Truth330. (