Iconicbombshells Experimental Style

Iconicbombshells Experimental StyleIconicbombshells is a singer/songwriter but also has some rhymes in him. His take on hip hop is to be noticed and appreciated. “Breakdown” is a party song that isnt’ offensive and just about having a good time. It’s nice to hear something like that from an artist in this day and age. “Tell Me Iconic” takes the mood down a few notches. It uses the auto tune effect but for some reason it fits the vibe of the song. Iconicbombshells sounds completely different in “U Got Me.” That song sounds the most mainstream after listening closely to the other two. “Baby, You Don’t Know” kind of sounds mainstream, but not much as “U Got Me.” I could hear Iconicbombshells’ style of hip hop doing really well in the alternative scene like South By South West or Coachella, just based on the more experimental side of his music. It’d definitely be appreciated there. If you’re into hip hop that takes chances, check out Iconicbombshells. (