Trip$et Makes Brand New Hilarious

Trip$et Makes Brand New HilariousTrip$et’s “Brand New” starts with him getting chewed out by his girl. It’ll be hard for any man who’s been through that experience to sit through…So 99%? Just kidding, but really it was funny like watching a scene from a movie and then it goes into a video that is well produced for an indie artist. Trip$et is surrounded by friends and really creates a story to go along with his song “Brand New.” The other hilarious but was “1-888-Nag-B-Gon,” the infomercial for a spray to use as a weapon against your girl when she starts tripping. If this was a real product, the creator would be rolling with Bill Gates. As for the song, it’s strong a good competitor among underground hip hop artists. It’s got a powerful hook that won’t stop and is only made better by the video that accompanies it. Good job and hats off to Trip$et. (