Nempho A.K.A Mr. Fantastic Has Range

Nempho A.K.A Mr. Fantastic Has RangeNempho A.K.A Mr. Fantastic hails from the City of Brotherly love and showcases an wide array of range in his beats. “Blurred Lines” remix, sounds more like what Miley Cyrus would actually be involved with. Please hold for twerk jokes please. But speaking of little miss Cyrus, that leads in perfectly to “Block Party” since Mr. Fantastic used the intro to Disney movies for the intro to this song. The rest of the song didn’t play like anything you’d find in a kids’ movie, but it was a cool take on a nostalgic piece. Things seem to slow down with “Moment Of Ur Time” as the hook is R&B inspired but Mr. Fantastic is still on point with his rhymes. It sounds like a song that even people who aren’t fans of hip hop would enjoy. It’s laid back and chill. Things pick back up with “Dat Life” though. It’s easy to hear that Mr. Fantastic can deliver at any place and sounds like what you’d find in the Cash Money catalog. (