Miraculous Will and His Positive Beats

Miraculous Will and His Positive BeatsMiraculous Will comes to you from Virginia who takes his history of gospel and soul and blends it well with hip hop to create a pure world of clean lyrics that showcase a different side of hip hop. “Never Blink” featuring Drue Indeed has a long intro of just talking but when it kicks in you can nod your head along to the positive lyrics coming across as an honest take to hip hop. He says he doesn’t have to cuss in “The Greatest.” Is that an ode to Will Smith? In your face Eminem. Sirens bring in “Listen” and then Miraculous Will comes in with a story about someone or someones he’s probably met in his life who’s made some mistakes. Then we get a universal song with “Dreams” because who doesn’t have those at night and in the grander scheme. He shouts out Dr. Martin Luther King and proclaims he’ll never get up on his dreams. If you’re into music that’s got a positive message but still sounds street check out Miraculous Will. (