Tre Live Works Hard, Rhymes Harder

tre-live-reviewTre Live is a pristine example of hard work because it shows in every single song you come across from him. From “Remedy” to “It’s Ok” Tre Live is on top of his game. Usually young emcees half-ass things and don’t think things through — not this guy. The songs are well-made and don’t let up; ever. You have hype “Red Ropes” and then the party starter “Too Legit,” so basically every base is covered with Tre Live to hit it home and score. Lastly, “Outro” is one of those songs that grab you and never let’s go. Every lyric takes you deeper into Tre Live’s mindset and it’s a place you don’t want to leave. It goes from hip hop to some down south, hearty soul. It’s just a great listening experience from start to finish. Going out on this song is perfection. If your iPod is littered with everything from Wiz Khalifa to Drake, you have to check out Tre Live. (

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