Tank Fifth Sticks to His Roots

tank-fifth-reviewTank Fifth is an emcee who does things big and doesn’t simmer down for anyone. “Supa Dupa” is well produced and is definitely a contender for the best of from Tank Fifth, but “All The Way” may be up there as well for incorporating R&B elements into the mix. That’s always a great treat to hear the soft soul with the harder rhymes. Tank’s friend Darrell helps out with “Boy Shorts” and it brings that same feel as “All The Way” did. “I’m Fly” declares what Tank Fifth to be true and showcases his confidence not only in his rhymes but himself personally. Then you have “Eeee” which could be about just about anything with a title like that. It turns out that is just the sound one makes, and the song has this really awesome beat. That along with the “Eeee” heard about could turn into something out in the real world; pretty soon we’ll all have that “Eeee” reaction. If you’re into artists who are like true to hip hop and its roots at the turn of the millennium, check out Tank Fifth. (https://www.youtube.com/user/clov2/videos)

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