Cutthroat-reviewCutthroat is an energetic emcee from Iowa of all places who gets it popping. “I Don’t Kno About U” is a dark song and never loses that eerie feel. While that one was scaring people, “Only God Can Judge Me” lifts that scary veil and brings a light to Cutthroat’s music. It was really unexpected seeing as the first song had this dark cloud around it, but that split and in walked this very cool way of delivering up faith. He then gets some help from Kyser and Certified on “Yeen Ain’t Gon Do Nothin.” This song is all about the energy and has a ton of it. With “Rims” you had to expect a lot of car talk, and that’s what you got except with a shout out to Italy…interesting. If you like hip hop that’s like French Montana and Meek Mill, check out what Cutthroat has to offer. (

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