Jah_Money-reviewJah_Money is a New York emcee who plays it cool. “Encore” is a great song from teh start thanks to the shout out to Roy Jetson. Anyone who can tie in cartoons in their rhyme is fine by me. Other than that, it follows a good beat that’s not overdone like a steak cooked by a first day cook. “The Funeral” starts dark, as expected. The music plays like a scene from a well, funeral. Then it gets down to the nitty gritty, but it stays dark the whole time. “Stuntin'” lightens things up but doesn’t bring it to a maximum level. This wouldn’t be the song to turn a party up. It plays it safe as does “Paper” and “House Party.” Jah_Money is an artist who does things his way and brings forth music that’s more about chilling and relaxing at the crib, on the front porch with a drink in one hand and a song in the air — Jah_Money’s that it. If that sounds like your scene, check out Jay_Money. (https://soundcloud.com/jah_money)

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