Toni Hope to Leave a Legacy

Toni ReviewToni knows how to balance the best of what he has. “B.I.G.G.I.E” is a funky song that has a sense of R&B to it, but it really sounds like when neo-soul was coming up through the rap spectrum. It has some aggression to the delivery but the music kept things going cool. Then there was “Successful.” This one was more hip hop based, like a freestyle of sorts. There’s more of story with this one. In “Legacy” it’s not as concise as the other two. This one could use some tinkering. What he did with the first song was what he did best. I really liked how he married a few elements rather than just sticking with run of the mill hip hop. That’s the path I hope he continues to follow in his career. If you want to check out a budding emcee, check out Toni today. (

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