Uncovering Just the Tip of the Iceberg with Iigo Killin Em

Iigo Killin Em ReviewIigo Killin Em really knows how to make a song that makes you get all lost in the music. At least that’s how we started out with “DaMonster” featuring Eeks Stevedrive. It doesn’t overdo things, and has an attitude to it that really makes it this swagger filled gem. With Kingtoot by his side, Iigo Killin Em goes into “Pressure” with his head held high and kills it. It’s also a great song that people can really dig their teeth into on a personal level. We ease up with “Have Some Fun.” It isn’t too different from where we began, but there is a lighter sense to the track. Going out with a bang, “Likes” is simple in title, but it brings it throughout. It’s laid back approach is stellar. You don’t have to get all cray to have a good time. If you’re a fan of hip hop that doesn’t pull tricks, check out Iigo Killin Em. He has more where all this came from. (https://soundcloud.com/mike-iigo-killin-em)

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