Tone Malone – “Everyday is Your Day (The Wedding Song)

Tone Malone – “Everyday is Your Day (The Wedding Song)


Right when you didn’t think modern R&B couldn’t be getting more predictable, the refreshing ethereal sounds of Sacramento’s own Tone Malone have arrived to remind us that the smooth soul of crews like Boyz II Men is far from dead and gone. On his new single, “Everyday is Your Day (The Wedding Song)” (available on CDBaby now), Tone Malone ushers in a new era for rhythm and blues that doesn’t over-indulge in predictable beats and samples, but embraces the raw roots of its ancestors.

Born Antonio Malone, and sometimes known as Maze, is hardly new to the music scene. Surrounded by talent his entire life, Tone has cultivated a wide range of influences across the spectrum into the polished package we see today, as evidenced in this anthem of love, understanding and commitment. Too often today we take these things for granted, with much of pop music preferring to objectify and exploit the nature of human kinship as opposed to celebrating real intimacy. The unfortunate result is a cheap, easily replicated product that lacks any of the emotion that life, and our lust for each other, really contains. Tone not only rejects the commercial establishment with “Everyday,” but he launches his own unique brand of grooves.
Tone doesn’t mind that he isn’t easy to categorize. “I would primarily classify my music as R&B, Soul, and Trap-Soul. I don’t feel I fall into one genre of music, I take influences and styles from all genres and make it fit the message and sound I’m trying to convey,” Tone told Vents Magazine, going on to say “It’s important that my fans feel the passion and heart in my music. I want people to be able to relate to and connect to the stories and messages in my songs; to feel the pain, the joy, and the love… all at the same time.” On “Everyday,” that Trap-Soul sound bleeds into all of the abundant collection of uplifting lyrics. When you’re in love, nothing else in the whole world matters. Just the one you’ve chosen and who has chosen you. That’s a hard feeling to capture, but Tone’s broad, almost velvet-like vocals go a long way to doing just that. His voice grips you from the opening bars and challenges you to examine your concept of commitment, and what it means to truly give yourself over to love and all of the splendor that may come.

You can tell this song has a lot of special meaning to its author. There’s an unmistakable sense of respect in “Everyday” that also sets it apart from other modern R&B tracks, and it isn’t just Tone’s remarkably beautiful voice. It’s that concept of respect, profound assurance that you’ll always be there and never let go, that life together is so much more valuable than anything else we can realize. The ironic thing about Tone Malone is that he seems to be coming around when music is most in need of a feel good anthem that celebrates our connection as opposed to primitive fixations.

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Troy Johnson

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