Vernon Little “The Chance To Tell You”

Vernon Little “The Chance To Tell You”


Bronx born hip-hop, rap, R&B, Christian Gospel singer Vernon Little has been recording for the last 30 years. His latest single entitled, “The Chance To Tell You” is an urban journey through an old school R&B vibe infused with a gospel twist. It’s marked with a piece of crisp rap, a melodic hook, and an R&B flavor. It also tells a story. His songs are easy to understand, have a message, and can easily be radio friendly, music for the masses. A commendable feat in 2018, making music that is not following the crowd of hip hop artists who all sound exactly the same. This new single is a hit, sounds as if it could have been on top of the Billboard charts in the Golden Age of Hip Hop as well as today…the music is fun, think DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince with a gospel twist. Fun music that you will find yourself trying to rap along after listening a few times, but you will never sound as good as Vernon Little. He can easily rap with the best of the MC’s in the history of music, and if he had a major pushing him he could easily give any of today’s multi-platinum artists a run for their money. Vernon Little has heart, determination, and has created a niche for himself that is unique to only him. Old school fans will recognize the sound, younger music fans will identify with his originality and message to make the world a better place.

Vernon Little has been writing songs since 1985, and recording since 1986. He originally started a group (Def Duo)’ but then decided to go solo in 1989. It is clear that the artist is a seasoned performer. His heart is in his song. His soul is in his rhyming. His genres encompass a wide range of different personas including, rap, hip-hop, R&B, soul, pop hip -hop and urban funk. His new EP is called “Double Minded”, and was released this past February. Aside from his newest single just released, the EP contains 3 other tracks. “I Love Hip Hop” which is my own personal favorite. The beat is contagious, as he talks about everyone from Ludacris to Eminem. This rap commingled with pop at its very best. “Double Minded 2” is filled with brass, beat, and lots of funk. “One Day At A Time”, once again is funky yet pop oriented….

If you like pop, hip- hop, funk and lots of emotional soul, this EP is a must. Vernon Little will be performing on May 11 at 6:00 pm in Newark Symphony Hall. I’m positive it will be a performance to remember. You can tell that the artist truly enjoys writing and performing his creations …I would recommend “The Chance To Tell You” as well as the entire EP “Double Minded” to everyone who is a fan of hip hop. Well produced, great rapping, and Vernon Little is an amazing talent that deserves to be heard.

Troy Johnson