Tito Glenn’s Anger Management

Tito Glenn ReviewTito Glenn is a man with a chip on his shoulder and he’s getting it off through sound. “I Like That” kicks off this journey with exact precision. Tito wastes no time getting to business. He comes in hard, but eases up to delivery a mid-tempo track that stays in the middle lane. He then slows it down with “What I Do.” Lyrically this guy comes through with a realistic approach, never relying on a fantasy, but what he’s experienced like in “Like You.” He sounds like a young Eminem in “I Know You Hate Me” not only because of the vocals but because of the anger present in the delivery. Music is often a release for those who make it, and it’s clear that Tito is a man with a lot bottled up inside. So open up and check out Tito Glenn if you’re into hip hop that has a lot of angst inside. (https://soundcloud.com/titoglenn)

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