All the Feels with Bunka Loyalty

Bunka Loyalty ReviewAlabama has a lot of history running through it, but it’s time to focus on the present with Bunka Loyalty. “Patience” takes its time and comes through very stern. It’s like the father of the bunch. It commands your attention with very little effort. You’ll be drawn to it in an instant. In “Thank Ya” Bunk still takes him time, but there is a little more pep in this one’s step. It sounds like if you took Busta Rhymes down a notch. Fly Guy comes through with him on “It Hurts” and together these two raise the bar. It continues to rise as “No Feelins” comes through hard as hell. Whenever an emcee has a vibe that makes you think you’d be committing a crime if you were turn the track – that’s when you know that artist has complete control over what they’re doing. If you’re into rappers like Busta and The Game, check out Bunka Loyalty now. (

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