King Bizzie ReviewKing Bizzie sounds like a man with a plan. “All These Problems” has an epic intro that makes you sit on the edge of your seat – like what’s about to start. What comes through is an intense delivery of strong words and imagery. D. Blake comes on and out for “Still I Rise.” Together they make a song that’s a great balance of R&B and hip hop. It sounds a little like Sisqo on a rap track. With “Be the Man” Bizzie is as aggressive as where we started, but there’s a life lesson within these walls. In “Gettin’ Benjamins” he sounds a little like DMX on a chill pill – no barking, just a gruff delivery. Lastly, “Unwind the Twine” ends on a high note. The beat here is like one you’d hear in the club, but not in some mainstream Pitbull – this one remains street without crossing into the mainstream. If you’re a fan of hip hop that’s all meat with a lot of heat, check out King Bizzie right now. (

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