TDH ReviewOver in Ohio, TDH is doing it up for the world. “Sometimes” starts this off and it has great lyrics and a beat that gets you hyped quick. With all that’s going on in the news with “Black Lives Matter,” this is a great track to hear. Things are more or less the same with “Something Has to Be Done.” Instead of being energetic though, this one plays on the drama of the operatic vibe that starts it out and can be heard throughout. The topic continues to be talked about in “Venting” and this one sits between the two. It’s not as theatrical as the last, but not as upbeat and the first. We step back into some older tracks and get away from the social issues with “Cold Summer.” In this one, you just have a track that would get you riled up because it sounds like something a NFL player would hear to get pumped for his game. Note, that Hannah Montana reference that does through you for a loop. If you’re a fan of hip hop that can let loose, but also has something to say about what’s going on in this world – check out TDH ASAP. (

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