The Wordsmith Chayne Spitta

Chayne Spitta ReviewA lot of rappers rely on the beat, not Chayne Spitta. All of his magic is in his words. “Hail Mary” comes across like young guns like Tyga and Wiz Khalifa. When it starts, it’s your typical hip hop track but as you unravel the layers, things get fast and furious. As soon those words were typed, “Standing Still,” and slows it down. “Killer” continues to keep the vibe going slow and steady but a bit more constructed. Spitta gets a little naughty with “Twerk Some.” Produced by Freshwaterbeats, this one has a lot of rated-r language and definitely wouldn’t make it onto radio, but would definitely be a playlist favorite at parties. I feel “It’s All Good” sounds more or less the same as the last one we shined a light on. With a title like that, it would’ve been nice to hear a lighter beat to this one and a less serious tone. While I would’ve liked that one hyped up, “Say What U Mean’s” slow pace is perfection. When it comes to hip hop, Chayne Spitta doesn’t rush it out and lays it down nice and slow, but isn’t afraid to pack a punch lyrically. Keep tabs on him because he has new joints coming April 2015. (

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