too deep reviewHe has the heart of a lion and the audacity of a mainstream rapper. Too Deep is a force and is ready to take on whatever comes his way. “Flicker” starts like a scene out of a horror movie with a scream and music that makes the skin crawl. Then things take a turn and it doesn’t even sound like the same song when the rhymes kick in. Too Deep turns it up with “Man Up” with a very fast pace delivery, which relies on his words and not the beat. He takes control of the action with his natural gift like a boss. With every push of play a new side of Too Deep comes through. “Ballen Ant Easy” sounds like something that’d come from The Ying Yang Twins back in the day. Comm comes hard when he hops on “New Club.” Then things calm down a bit with the sly and fly ways of “Finally Made It!” In between all the hard rhymes, this one stands tall. We turn it back up and round this out with “All About The Money.” Materialistic, but realistic is the key here. If you like emcees who can do it up and turn it down in one move, check out Too Deep now. (

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