T.M.E ReviewT.M.E is a hip hop trio from Houston, Texas made up of H.B., Kano Sano and Easy-International. Together they’ve got a handful of tracks on deck that offer up a variety. “Stone Cold Stunna” has a chorus that exists on being repetitive, and it’s really the verses that drive this song. The hook captures you but the meat of the track lays within every other part. The music of “Another Bitch” stands out here. It reminds me of something Timberland would’ve done back in the day, or something you would’ve heard in a Dru Hill hit. With a title like “Freakin to R Kelly,” you have to expect magic. We ditch street hip hop and go more for a mainstream feel with it as this one borrows from an R&B standpoint. Capping things off with T.M.E is “Texas Slow.” It’s a club jam that will have girls moving nice and slow, but never fear – booties will still be able to pop to it. If you’re into hip hop that offers up a wide range, check out T.M.E today. (https://www.reverbnation.com/hustlinb4)

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