DLK ENTERPRISE ReviewWhen it comes to hip hop, DLK ENTERPRISE knows what they are doing as a label. “I’m On” keeps things steady and never really pops off. You continue to wait for that one moment, but it never comes. With “Last Time I Checked” listeners get a very dramatic, theatrical intro. It sounds like it could be used for the hip hop version of “Phantom of the Opera.” Rolling into “So Real G Mix,” you get tossed back to the ’70s for a second and then blasted into the here and now thanks to the exuberant delivery that comes through loud and clear. DLK ENTERPRISE is a label built on fine tuning and that’s heard throughout and we continue to experience that with “Dirty Lil Kidz.” Finally “A Mob Tale” takes us back to the drama. If you’re one for falling for labels as a whole, make sure to check out what DLK ENTERPRISE is cranking out. (https://www.dlkenterprise.com/)

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