The Many Tricks of One Six

One Six ReviewOne Six has a lot of ammo up his sleeve and he isn’t afraid to use it in the rap game to come out on top. “Southern Cali Bullshit” starts with an omnipresent monologue that sends chills down the spine but then makes the mind wander to a futuristic movie. It’s less of a song and more of just an intro track to set the tone for what’s to come. We get some humor with “Dessert” as the idea of what a salad fork causes some laughter. Then the rhymes kick in and we’re given low key fun with a cool beat thanks to Six and “JMusiQ. Prote J On The Beat produced “The Blueprint” and with him on board we get a really chill gem. It plays more like a really cool speech rather than a song. Young Ceno hops on to help out with “Open” as we pick things up with a track that’ll make booties clap. Finally we end where the day begins with “Early Mornin.'” We hear his daily routine and get a little green with envy that’s how One Six starts his days. If you’re into hip hop that has a very youthful demeanor like Wiz and Hoodie Allen, then check out One Six now. (

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