HMK ReviewHMK offers up something different at every turn. “Ship It” has a great line about being a cell phone and roaming, but with today’s internet culture – this may be the most unexpected hit among fandoms thanks to the idea of shipping fictional couples. It’d be funny to hear this looped on a fan made video of the stars of say “Supernatural.” All that aside, HMK is creating fine tuned hip hop that fans of that style of music will love. The former was more serious a bit, but “Mr. Inappropriate” lightens up things with its beat, the lyrics – not so much. It’s a little threatening but it’s fun to listen to bounce to the chorus. We step into the club for “Make It Hot.” It’s more a dance track than a hip hop jam with its electronic base. We head back to the basics with “I Waz Gon’ Bol” and then close things out with the old school feel of “Sittin’ In Tha Park.” What’s great about what comes from HMK is that no two songs sound the same. Each press of play is unique. If you like a healthy mix, check out HMK right now. (

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