The Smarts with Proper Einstein

The Musical Genius CoverProper Einstein sits between two stand out genres. “HipNo” features Mikey Barslow and it comes through, you get a hip hop track that could fare well with a rave crowd. It blends both genres but doesn’t go overboard with either. The rhymes are the hip hop and the beat, pure electronica. Come “Musical Overdose” we get something completely different. Gone are the street ways, and in is a more sci-fi in the 80’s movie feel. We head back to the rap with “Hate Me Or Love Me” and it’s this slick vibe where Proper Einstein comes through like a true wordsmith. In “Late Nights” we travel back to the electronic and travel fast. The pace makes the heart race. If you’re a fan of both hip hop and electronic music – this is the place to be. Proper Einstein has found a way to do both and he makes them both work equally for him. (

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