Racc Chassir ReviewRacc Chassir is an independent company out in Minnesota that handles everything hip hop and R&B. Today we’re taking you inside what they’re working with and telling you why you should check out their artist 2WIN. First up, “The Struggle” comes through and tells a story most of us can attach ourselves to as it tells the reality of a struggle and not the first world problems people have today. Then we get into “Crazy” from 2WIN featuring P3. A laid back track that sits in reality as well. 2WIN is at it again with JayDon and Murcc on “My Nigs On.” Here we get a take on the current state of America and politics. It’s an interesting approach. If you’re a fan of hip hop that tells real stories and doesn’t paint pictures of materialistic things, check out all that’s coming from Racc Chassir now. (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOfIn9amzvBX0KSN3iYR68A)

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