Don’t Forget Ozy Reigns

Ozy Reigns ReviewOzy Reigns takes an alternative route to hip hop. More on the page of acts like Common, this LA rapper brings something new to the table with his latest, “Remember Me.” Sounding like something from the 70’s thanks to the music that accompanies the rhymes, it’s a great track to sit down and chill with. Before this track, we got a trio from him in February this year. From those three, “4U&I” comes in nice and slow from the start but then picks up to end on an energetic note. Out of those three though, “Out The Hole” showcases a more traditional take on hip hop, tossing it back to the beats that came up in the 80’s. If you’re a fan of throwback hip hop, check out LA’s own Ozy Reigns today. (

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