Get Serious with Jordy McFly

Jordy McFly ReviewJordy McFly doesn’t play around. “It’s Easier to Smile” is a chill track that doesn’t pop off at any point. It’s all about showcasing the rhymes instead of the beat and you can hear Jordy is a true emcee in control of the lines that spill from his lips. In “Concrete Jungle” we hear more of a an aggressive side of the rapper. He isn’t coming at you hard, but the words he’s delivering pack a punch. Listening on, we get this slick feel when “Look What You Left” and it continues the whole way through. This one really felt east coast to me. It had this pristine Brooklyn sound, something more modern like a Nas track. If you’re a fan of hip hop that doesn’t rely on tricks but thrives on talent, check out Jordy McFly today. (

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