The Real Busta Free Costs More

The Real Busta Free ReviewThe Real Busta Free might sound familiar but he’s doing his own thing just fine. “One Nite” starts and it sounds vocally similar to T.I. I take that as a sign of great things to come and they did. It really kicks off things in a good way. The party don’t stop there as “Homeboy” comes through to take things to the next level. You get a different tone with “Collect Block.” It sounds more like a thoughtful rhyme than a good time anthem. I like his vocal performance in “Soul On It.” That’s not something you’d likely hear in a hip hop review and it’s not like he’s singing, but he sounds a little like Pac and it’s greatly appreciated. If you like hip hop that makes you feel like you’re listening to the best of the best, then check out The Real Busta Free’s beats and rhymes ASAP. (

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