Marcus Taylor Slims Down Texas

Marcus Taylor is an emcee from Texas who doesn’t do it big, but takes his time to get his point across crystal clear. “Barry White” was unexpected. It was more a mid-tempo, smooth delivery than a straight up street track. Then with “She’s On Fire” you have speeds it up and goes out to the girl on fire – is this one for Katniss Everdeen? Once “Today” comes through you can do nothing but sway to it and its R&B flare. It’s an easy going track but it packs a punch – that’s for sure. “Time Bomb” is a timely song with all the gunfire heading out around the US. It’s more a tale about the person from the other side of the bullets point of the view though and their regrets. Another one that packs a punch is “Abduction.” You’d think it’d be attacking you but instead it slowly guides you. We pick things up a bit with “I Ain’t Lyin” but it still plays it cool. So if you like your hip hop chilled like a cold brew, check out Marcus Taylor today. (

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