Skittles ReviewSkittles isn’t just a rapper, but a singer and performer. “The Best Song Ever” isn’t a cover of that One Direction chart topper, but you’ll soon forget that pop tune once this one enters your life. It comes at you like a shark attack – fast and unexpected. With “Nobody Ever Gives a Fuck” the intro definitely doesn’t add up to the f-bomb in the title as it comes across like an elegant piece on piano. Then when he drops that first line, things align. “She’s Not a Virgin Mary” didn’t really stick out like the rock infused “Something Bad You’ve Made” did. It samples a Linkin Park track from their first, and best, album “Hybrid Theory.” This one gets an A+, as does the other rock infused “I Can’t Find a Reason.” Much like the thought that ran through my head with the first track, I was like…Is this “Delilah” a cover of that Plain White Ts’ track? It isn’t and it proves to be good on its own path. If you like rappers who can rock it out and sing about, check out Skittles now. (

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