The Playa So Suede

The Playa So SuedeSo Suede is a young MC from Louisiana who puts his playa ways to good use in his music. “Like Me Doe (Real Yung Playa)” comparing people to himself because he’s confident in himself. It seems like So Suede is into the idea of being a playa as that one before and this one, “Southern Playa” go hand in hand. The theme continues as So Suede talks about getting that green in “Gettin Money.” What kind of playa doesn’t have Benjamins to spend? Exactly. “Party Gurl” makes the music switch gears in context, but the energy is still found in between the musical lines thanks to this one. It samples Eddie Murphy’s “Party All The Time” and then goes onto do its own thing, explaining the ins and outs of said “Party Gurl.” I thought things were slowing down, like the playa needed a rest from all the partying and ladies with “Slowdown,” but while the music was on an easygoing path, So Suede delivered his rhymes faster than ever. If you’re into hip hop that’s all about the finer things in life and a good time, check out So Suede. (

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