Richie Rich Beats the Competition

Richie Rich Beats the CompetitionRichie Rich is a beat maker that has a wide array of tracks in his stockpile that make listeners keep coming back for more. “Epic” is a hop hop beat that doesn’t last long, but makes an impression. The same goes with “Flex.” Richie Rich makes his beats tell a story in a short amount of time. When you have music like this, you need to get to the point fast. It’s not about engaging so much with words as it is connecting with the person who’s listening to have a good time and dance. Fans of this kind of music likely want to go out and dance the night away and artists like Richie Rich provide that soundtrack with songs like “My Boo,” “In The Air,” “No Sleep” and “Nobody’s Safe.” He’s got a plethora of tracks to pick from and that will allow for some of that “dropping the base” that’s ever so popular in the music scene right now. If you’re a fan of that, check out Richie Rich. (