The Don ReviewThe Don knows his way around the rhymes. “Why We Trap” starts and comes off as a surprise. The face doesn’t match what we hear. I was expecting a youthful sound, instead came a man. After knowing we were not dealing with some young buck, at least vocally, it was easier to concentrate and that’s great because “3 Heat.” It sounds a little like what you’d hear from Gorillaz. Which was another unexpected thing, but only at certain parts. Moving on to “Music Made Me,” this is the song that almost every rapper has to do – that one about where they came from or how they came to be. It’s a hip hop necessity. As far as beats go and delivery, “Cradle to Grave” was one of the best. It had a beat that made you want to learn and sing along as soon as possible. Not so much in a pop way, but in a challenge yourself way – like when you want to learn an Outkast song, only The Don doesn’t come at you with those fast as heck Andre 3000 rhymes. Final one up is “World of Change.” Here you have a strong finish. This and “Cradle to Grave” are the money shots of The Don’s game. If you are ready, check him out fast. (

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