Midwest’s Best, Saj Jones

Saj Jones ReviewHip hop isn’t all about the fast paced lifestyle and Saj Jones is here to prove just that. “Live It Up” starts off with a futuristic tone and overall could be likened to what Drake’s putting out – that smooth rap. That continues as we head down that path with “The Road.” It’s very low key and doesn’t overdo it with the delivery or the beat. It’s all laid out very calmly. Kid Da Great pops up to help out with “Think of You.” With this one we don’t overdo it but Kid does bring more of a Lil Wayne vibe to the table. It’s clear that nothing is ever going to pop off with this guy, but stay a chilled listening session, even when out and about with “Tour Life.” I spoke too soon…”Some how’ somehow managed to surprise me. It was what Saj and listeners needed. It was hyper than the rest and showed a much needed side of this emcee. While the ride with this Zion based rapper is relaxed for the most part – he proves he can play ball fast every once in awhile if you stay tuned. Check Saj Jones, one of the best from the midwest, now. (https://www.reverbnation.com/SAJJONES)

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