Hip Hop Matures with KidDr1ft

KidDr1ft-ReviewWho knew Minnesota had a hip hop scene? Not many, but KidDr1ft is doing what he can to change that. “All In My Head” isn’t what I expected. I thought, this looks like a young kid who’ll act a bit immature in his rhymes. Proven wrong, what came out of this track was a well composed man – not a boy at all. With “Hard to Tell” it got a little too repetitive and wasn’t the best of the bunch. The beat was good but the lyrics fell by the wayside. We come back though with “One Wish.” It’s not the most hype song and not one you’d put on to get a party going – but it has a composure that makes you want to just chill to it with your boys. KidDr1ft also hops on some tracks with his boy Ladell Parks. “Goodbye” takes you for a serious ride with a story at hand while “I Changed” has more of a dramatic feel. If you like hip hop that keeps it mature and classy, check out KidDr1ft now. (https://www.reverbnation.com/kiddr1ft)

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