From the Ill Streets, Enoch Maddox

Enoch Maddox ReviewWe’re not sure where Illstreet is in the US, but that’s where Enoch Maddox likes to say he hails from. So sit back and relax, but not too much because this young emcee knows how to take the wheel and go for it. “Life is Like a Freestyle” has a really cool beat to it. It’s not overdone to the point that you’d grow bored of it. It’s very cut and dry, to the point. But that’s what makes it great, that raw appeal of it. With “Urban Cowboy Stories” you get more of a story that captures you and holds tight. The music does nothing more than help that tale glide from his lips to your ears. He gets a little more assertive with “The Imagination of the Invisible Man.” Then he lightens up as we head into “R.I.P. 2014.” Here we don’t get low key or assertive, but a song that could be on the radio yesterday. It’s great in terms of lyrical content and beat. If you’re a fan of artists like Kendrick Lamar, check out Enoch Maddox today. (

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