The Lone Flower

The Lone Flower is a magnificent release that serves fans eighteen powerful tracks. Each and every track draws fans into the music, and keeps them interested. Sackcloth Fashion provides incredible lyricism throughout the album. Extremely Strong Songwriting, lively & intense beats, and excellent production make this release a fan favorite.

The Lone Flower starts off with its self-titled track, The Lone Flower, which leaves fans in awe with its cinematic presentation. The Lone Flower is a story unfolding to the listener’s ears featuring all kinds of ill sounds laid perfectly together. The creative vocals of Sackcloth Fashion positively add the perfect ingredient to the mixture to concoct the perfect flavor that easily satisfies the most resistant fans hunger. It’s an uneasy task to create a better lead track than The Lone Flower. The album continues with an assortment of equally stunning tracks, the next being “Strange Chemistry”. Strange Chemistry serves up a message fans can relate with delivered through well-written and performed lyrics. Although all of the songs are equally as tight there are always a few that stand out as the most notable. The most notable tracks featured on “The Lone Flower” include “The Lone Flower”, “Direction”, “Something Else”, “Brain Freeze”, and “Smile In The Dark”.

The Lone Flower has many strong points that bring it to another level. One strong point is that each track is well written, and performed perfectly. Sackcloth Fashion has an incredible song writing talent, and an equally incredible delivery. The album has eighteen tracks serving up a wide range of music for fans to enjoy. The album production is magnificent, and each, and every beat is lively, and intense. Each track flows into the following track with perfect harmony creating one of the most “loop-worthy” albums released. Sackcloth Fashion has a great group dynamic and all of the artists, each having their different style, and flavor combine together as one. The subject matter of the tracks is something fans can relate to and appreciate. There is no bling bling, and ching ching, its all positive, and mentally stimulating. Some people might say Sackcloth Fashion grew with this release, but it’s each and every fan that listens to this release that will grow thanks to Sackcloth Fashion. When an album has that kind of power it deserves all of the support fans, and media can provide. The Lone Flower is much more than an album. The album jacket is very informative offering interested fans some excellent information. The artwork and packaging are well put together giving the album another strong marketable element.

Some critics will critique the album for its diversity, this more so with hardcore hip hop fans. The Lone Flower features some very diverse sounds, beats, and vocals. Some of the songs come off as house, or scream surfer, or feature mainly “singing” as oppose to the common norm of what is considered rap. It’s fair to see that a greater number of fans and critics will appreciate the albums diversity as it strongly adds to the albums presentation. Each song is diverse to be its own, keeping fans interested, and still links together with the rest of the songs to achieve harmony. The album never sounds broken, and there isn’t one track that seams out of place. Other critiques are non existent.

Overall The Lone Flower is an incredible release, mainly because everyone involved came together to do an incredible job (the obvious). This album is mandatory listening for fans. Syntax Records deserves to be noted as they put this package together nicely like so many of their other releases.

Track Listing

1. The Lone Flower

2. Strange Chemistry

3. Direction

4. Touch The Sky

5. Summit Of Angels

6. Infectious

7. Open Road

8. Ride On

9. Something Else

10. Take My Sin (feat. Tonex)

11. Give

12. Brain Freeze

13. Cowboy

14. Smile In The Dark

15. What Is

16. Leaning (feat. Marcos Curiel (P.O.D.))

17. Grains Of Sand

18. I Sigh

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