Halfway There

Solseekers is a highly talented group consisting of DJ DNA, and Capture the Exclusive, one DJ, and one emcee. The music on Halfway There is fully hot through the full way through. There is never a dull song, or a lack of creativity or skills. DJ DNA, and Capture the Exclusive serve fans some of the best, & most appreciated hip hop tracks in existence. Both members compliment one another perfectly with their talents to offer fans the perfect blend. The content of the music on “Halfway There” is real, and meaningful which is fantastic for the soul, and spirit. Songs like “Substance Abuse”, “Weapons of Choice”, and “Still Right Here” touch fans through intense, entertaining rhymes that focus on content fans can relate to, and receive a message with some significance instead of typical bling bling, and ching ching Capture the Exclusive delivers rhymes on point, flawlessly, and live on a continuous basis. His skills are profound in vocalization, and he never fails to entertain and capture minds.

DJ DNA is explosive, and never fails to deliver the most head nodding beat, the illest cut, or the nicest scratch perfectly when needed. DJ DNA compliments Capture the Exclusive nicely the whole length of Halfway There. The first full length DJ track is titled “Balance”. “Balance” is an explosively entertaining track that is the perfect show anthem to get the crowd hype, and pumped for the show. On Halfway There is the perfect point between “Halfway There”, and “Weapon of Choice”. “All the way from …” is the introduction track, and is one of the best, most entertaining introductory tracks blessing a release. Cuts & Scratches bless the introduction giving fans some insight as to what Halfway There has in store. DJ DNA produced all of the songs except for “Still right here” which was produced by A.J. Star.

It is hard to select a standout track as all of the songs are finely crafted; however, there is always a track that seams to stand out even if it’s by a nostril hair. “Weapon of Choice” is a heavyweight bell-ringer, and the standout track on Halfway There. The beat is incredible, and the lyrics are intense, well formed & written, and nicely delivered in exact harmony with the beat. Other notable songs include every other song; however, “Natural”, and “Still right here” will be on fans minds guaranteed. There are no weak, or lackluster tracks on Halfway There. There are never any disappointments with the music on Halfway There at any time.

It’s important to look at the other contributing factors that add to the presentation of a release. The cover artwork is fantastic, the sound quality, and mastering is perfect, and the arrangement of the songs could not be better. The cover is informative, giving fans good insight into the duo. Syntax Records deserves to be noted for bringing everything together nicely.

Some fans will critique the amount of music featured on Halway There. Fans will be craving more by the end of the release, and even though fans will be satisfied as quality over quantity is a better rule to live by, some will still want more music from Solseekers. Other than this point, there are no other critiques that critics, or fans should have for this release.

Bottom line, Halfway There is a keystone release for any collection, and is mandatory listening material to be played on heavy rotation until the discman breaks or the disc wares thin. Solseekers are a duo to watch, and listen for as their talents are deep, and uneasily matched.

Track Listing

1. All The Way From… (Intro)

2. Natural

3. Substance Abuse

4. Come And Go

5. Halfway There feat. The Inklings

6. Balance

7. Weapon Of Choice feat. Ahred

8. Still Right Here

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