The Grime Lord Has Many Sides

The Grime Lord Has Many SidesThe Grime Lord is a New York MC who has as many sides as a pair of die. “I’m Telling You Now” was easygoing and has a nice feminine touch to it that brought in a nice amount of hip hop. For pop enthusiasts of the 90’s,”Stronger” is not The Grime Lord’s rendition of the Britney Spears’ song — his is a lot more street and tells the story of an actual struggle. If you have any remaining questions about this guy, we welcome you to question him with “Ask About Me.” It sounds like more of a demand than anything. After the musical beat down that comes with “Ask About Me,” the softness of “So Crazy” is unexpected, but welcomed. There are many sides to The Grime Lord’s sound and if you’re interested in getting to know all of them check him out. (