Darius Shae Don Walker Has What It Takes

Darius Shae Don Walker Has What It TakesDarius Shae’Don Walker is a MC from Naples who shows an immense amount of talent. “Throw Some D’s” is for those who know the lingo because if you don’t, you’ll be lost the entire time. If you do then you’ll be able to appreciate the pace of the rhymes and they way that Darius Shae’Don Walker never seems to drop out when he’s delivering. One that everyone (of age) can understand is “No Liquor Left.” Everyone’s been to at least one party where the bottom of the bottle’s been reached, but at least the next time this happens you can have a theme song to sing along to. Darius Shae’Don Walker has a reason to be confident thanks to “Cockiness.” Out of the lot, that was one of the best performances he had the whole way through. If you’re a fan of acts like Drake, check out Darius Shae’Don Walker. (